ALIVE offers over 70 yoga & Pilates classes a week in many different styles at 2 beautiful locations in South Etobicoke. Whether it's your first time on a mat or you've been practicing for as long as you can remember, we know you will feel at home and find something you love. We can't wait to meet you!

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Our Classes

We offer a wide range of yoga & Pilates class styles for you to enjoy at both of our locations. Ranging from classes suitable to beginners to classes for the more experienced practitioner, we’ve got something for everyone.

Our Team

We're so proud of our team of amazing yoga and Pilates instructors, each with their own beautifully distinct style, background and personality. Our teachers are encouraged to let their differences shine through their classes, giving you the chance to experience something a little bit unique depending on who guides you!

Our Schedules

All of our membership options give you access to over 70 classes per week at our two locations. You can save a spot in any class on this website or using our app.

ALIVE Long Branch Schedule

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ALIVE Humber Bay Schedule

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Combined Schedule

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Events & Workshops

We offer a variety of events outside of our regular class schedule. These events are a great way to supplement your practice and to dive deeper into special interest areas!

Yoga Nidra

with Lisa Jansen

Yogic sleep meditation

Restorative Bliss

with Heather Robinson

Give yourself the gift of peaceful relaxation to restore and reset!

Full Body Bliss

with Rachelle Gura

Learn to use therapy balls for self-massage


These are a few snippets from a few of our favourite member reviews. There are lots more if you're interested!

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