Making our studio as safe as possible for our members is our number one priority. We have changed a great deal about the ALIVE experience to do so. Below is a searchable list of all of the changes we’ve made. We greatly appreciate any feedback you may have.

One big room at ALIVE Humber Bay

• We have removed the wall between our two practice rooms at ALIVE Humber Bay. Following social distancing guidelines, the room will accommodate 14 members.

Cleaning the studio

• We have always taken cleaning our studio very seriously and will continue to maintain a rigorous cleaning schedule.
• We will ensure that any cleaning product we use is on Health Canada’s list of approved disinfectants.
• The practice room will be disinfected after each and every class.
• High touch surfaces such as handles, faucets and benches will be disinfected after each and every class.

Shared amenities

• We’ve temporarily removed most of the shared amenities and surfaces from the studio.
• We will no longer have tea service, water bottle refill, rental mats and towels, mat storage or shared props.
• Our change rooms will be available but we’d ask that you come as prepared as you can to limit your use of them and we will not be opening the showers.
• Toilets and sinks will be available as normal.

Mask use

• Members, instructors and staff will be expected to wear a mask while in the common spaces of the studio which include the parking garage, hallways, elevators, stairs, reception area, and change rooms.
• Masks are not required once at your mat and are not required during practice.
• If you arrive without a mask, we will have them for sale and you will be required to purchase one to enter the studio.

Temperature Checks

• All members and instructors will have their temperature checked using a contactless thermometer when entering the studio

• Those with an elevated temperature will not be allowed to enter the studio

Registration and arrival

• You must preregister for class. Drop ins will no longer be accommodated.
• The entrance to the studio will open 20 minutes before class begins and will be locked 5 minutes before class begins. Latecomers can not be accommodated.
• To ensure that all members have access to our limited capacity, there will be a strict 2 hour cancellation policy. Monthly members that cancel within 2 hours of their class will be charged a fee of $10+hst and class pass holders will have one of their classes deducted.
• We will not be processing any payments at the studio. Please make purchases online or reach out to us by email or phone.

In the practice room

• Feel free to bring your personal items into class with you as you will have lots of space.
• You must put your mat down on our marked spots to maintain social distance. Please choose the furthest mat from the door when you arrive.
• The instructor will teach from their mat. They will not be wandering around the room and will not be able to apply physical adjustments.
• There will be no shared props at the studio. Our instructors will teach classes that do not require them but may offer modifications for those that bring their own. Please feel free to do so.
• The doors to the practice room will be kept open to improve air flow.
• After class ends, we will ask you to exit the practice room and studio as soon as possible so that we can clean and prepare for the next class.

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