Yoga & Pilates with Baby

A wonderful opportunity for caregivers to practice yoga & Pilates in a welcoming baby-friendly environment.

  1. • All of our pricing options include our yoga & Pilates with baby classes – try your first class free!

Yoga with Baby and Pilates with Baby are special classes designed for mamas, papas, nannies, and caregivers to connect with baby through movement, breath, music, and supportive touch. Reduce stress, elevate your mood, and feel connected to a community of parents and caregivers. Anyone who loves baby and is looking for a great way to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance is welcome!

These classes will provide you with health-promoting exercise and breath work in an environment that is engaging and nurturing for baby. Whether you’re looking to get back in shape after the birth of your baby, connect with other caregivers in your community, or stay committed to your practice while caring for your new baby, we welcome you to join us for these uplifting classes!

All levels of Yoga & Pilates experience are welcome and while there is no maximum age for baby, these classes are designed for babies who are not yet “on the go”.

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 10am at our Humber Bay Location.

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